Can Gerbils Eat Hamster Food?

While discussion on owning a pet we mostly think about a most common domestic animal like dogs and cats, but besides these, some other sweet and amazing pet animals are there and these are known as ‘pet rodent’ or some time it is called as ‘pocket pet’.

The rodent pet includes hamsters, mice, guinea and gerbil are the most common pets. These types of pets are very popular with children. Rodent pets are smaller, require less diet, minimum care, and are so amazing pets.

Rodent pets generally feed on a combination of foods such as pelleted hay, rodent chow, leaves of plants, grains, seeds, vegetables (carrot, cucumber, pumpkin) and fruits(apple, oranges). They require combination because they require all nutrients for their proper body function. The hamster food is also sometimes different.

Food that gerbils can eat

Can Gerbils Eat Hamster Food?

The food that gerbils can eat naturally includes many different types of the seed of many blades of grass, bulb, and various ranges of leaves and small plants. They can also eat various fruits such as pear, melon, oranges, apples. Vegetable includes pumpkins, fennel, cucumber, carrot. All the above fruits and vegetables are used as a supplement for the gerbil food.

A gerbil is a species of rodents and like other rodents, grapes, and rhubarb should not be given, as these types of foods are poisonous to the rodents.

Gerbils also require clean fresh water to drink. One should check the water bottle through which gerbil drink water for any type of leakage. The water bottle must be checked regularly and should be cleaned on a daily bases.

Gerbils always need a better quality of food and water. The food requirement of a hamster is different than best food for gerbils.  The diet of these rodents must be balanced and should include all the minerals, vitamins, and proteins that a rodent needs to fulfill its daily need. A balanced diet can be achieved by providing them a large variety of leaves and different types of seed to eat. I case a whole of leaves and seeds are not available, one should buy some of the commercially manufactured gerbils’ food. These food are made especially for the gerbils.

However, while providing them a range of seed it is very important to ensure that only type of seed should be given such as sunflower as it may have a lot of facts, which can make rodent fatty.

Taking care of gerbils

The home or the place where gerbil is kept should be checked frequently. Gerbils have a habit of storing their favorite food items. This will ensure that rodents should not eat a similar kind of food. It is usually seen that a wild gerbil can store 1.5 kg of grain in a single store.

One of the best steps in taking care of gerbil is making a record of the amount of food and the volume of water it drinks in a day. This monitoring will help in knowing the condition of the rodent. If the amount of water is increased or decreased this will cause a certain problem.

Food that a hamster eats

Can Gerbils Eat Hamster Food?

Hamsters are a type of rodent. They usually live underground during the daytime to protect them from being caught by predators. The diet of hamsters depends upon the area it is living in, it is usually the place near the desert. Like gerbils, wild hamsters also eat seeds, grain, and leaves of different varieties.

One amazing point about hamsters is that they are omnivores and like other omnivorous, they eat meats. Being omnivorous, they feed on both plants as well as animal-based food, much like humans. Domestic hamsters are similar to their wild species. They also feed on meat but while feeding them it is very important to not to overfeed them.

Hamsters’ stores some of the percentages of the food provided within the pouches present below their cheeks.

Hamster food is also present in the market, which includes all the necessary minerals, and vitamins it needed. But one should feed hamsters some other food also which includes certain fruits and vegetables, but it is necessary to take care of the amount of food which is provided to it, it should not be exceeded and not low. As too many ingredients in their diet can cause diarrhea. For such type of small creature, only a piece of some fruit and vegetable is enough for its meal.

Nutrition comparison between both

There is a very huge difference between hamster and gerbil. The length of the gerbil is relatively larger than a hamster. On one-hand gerbils has a size of 4 inches whereas the hamster has a size of 2-4 inches excepting Syrian hamster, which is larger than gerbils (6 inches). This gives an overview of nutrition requirement, as hamster (excepting Syrian hamster) has a smaller size its nutrition requirement is low because it requires low energy to maintain its body balance where the nutrition requirement of a gerbil is just opposite of hamster. On comparing other body size differences we arrive on a result that hamster requires relatively lesser nutrition than gerbils.

Hamster’s food for gerbils

Can Gerbils Eat Hamster Food?

Hamsters and gerbils are almost similar in appearance and it becomes more difficult to differentiate between them when they have the same color. They are not just similar in appearance and size but also similar in their diet or the food they like most.

Gerbils need relatively less fat thus; the diet of gerbils must contain less fat than a hamster eats. The diet’s need for a hamster is different from that of the gerbils. Hamsters need a large amount of protein as compared to the protein need of gerbils.

To some extent, gerbil eats hamster food. The need for protein for a hamster is 18 to 23 percent while that of gerbils is 14 to 15 percentage. This large need for protein is fulfilled from animal-based products such as chicken or egg. There is no doubt that gerbils also eat meats and their protein need can also be fulfilled by crickets and mealworms.

One amazing nutrition difference between hamster and gerbils is that hamster is more prone to diabetic whereas gerbils are not very prone to diabetic and this ability allow the gerbil to enjoy many fruits and a sweet mix.